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Sanitary Style Elements
- Full Fit (FF)
- Fouling Resistant (FR)
- Semiconductor (SG)
- Medical Application (HP)

About Us

Over 25 Years In The Business

Stenseng Distributing, Inc. was founded in 1981, having started in the water vending machine business. We were so impressed with a new polyamide thin film composite reverse osmosis membrane made by a new, small company called FILMTEC, that we became one of their first OEM Distributors. We know that the performance of a reverse osmosis water system is directly related to the quality of the RO membranes installed in the system. FILMTEC membranes have become the undisputed industry leader by delivering the highest quality RO membranes in the industry today. They have done this by relying upon automated element fabrication and process controls to produce world-class quality RO elements. We have been using and testing FILMTEC membranes in the field since 1982 in all of our other retail water treatment businesses that we own. We have gained our experience and reputation by using and selling only the best! For quality FILMTEC products, great pricing and fast, reliable service contact us today.

Stenseng Distributing, Inc. is strictly a wholesale distributor selling only to dealers, distributors, manufacturers, and resellers.


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